Test your Maturity

  1. Am I becoming more and more patient in the testing of life?
  2. Do I play with temptation or resist it from the start?
  3. Do I find joy in obeying the Word of God, or do I merely study it and learn it?
  4. Are there any prejudices that shackle me?
  5. Am I able to control my tongue?
  6. Am I a peacemaker rather than a troublemaker?
  7. Do people come to me for spiritual wisdom?
  8. Am I a friend of God or a friend of the world?
  9. Do I make plans without considering the will of God?
  10. Am I selfish when it comes to money? Am i faithful in the paying of my bills?
  11. Do I naturally depend on prayer when I find myself in some kind of trouble?
  12. Am I the kind of person others seek for prayer support?
  13. What is the attitude toward the wandering brother? Do i criticize and gossip, or do i seek to restore him in love?

Don’t just grow old – grow up!

~Warren Wiersbe

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